With a childhood marked by education by four different religious orders and a blind aunt who told him fantastic stories (which turned out to be true), with an elderly father who, due to his nightmares, howled like a wolfman and with a charming sleepwalking wife, it is quite normal for ROIG  DE  DIEGO  to have dedicated one of his series of paintings to dreams.

“I have given this series the generic name of Last night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley Again, like the first sentence of the Daphne du Maurier novel Rebecca, (made into a film by Hitchcock), but for practical reasons, we call it DREAMS”.

“When the curtain of our eyelids falls, we dwell in a different world, a variable set made of memories, experiences, fears and desires. Very rich material for a painting.”

ROIG  DE  DIEGO, with his personal style, has mixed the Gothic with Spanish surrealist tradition and a visceral Pop language in his DREAMS, creating an onyrical style with references to films, comics and advertising.



  1. Ophelia’s Erotic Dream
  2. Dream of the Automatic Poodle
  3. Dream of Death with Peppers
  4. Dream of the Emperor’s Waltz
  5. Dream of Mute White Drops
  6. Alice’s Dream in the ForbiddenGarden
  7. Dream of the Acid Oranges
  8. Dream of the Sharpened Brioches
  9. Dream of the Tropical Night’s Panting
  10. Dream of Isabel smelling Jasmine


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